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Tarney &  Doug moved to the country in 2009.  The motivation behind the move was a desire to get back to basics – to have a go at being more self sufficient.   Both Tarney and Doug at different times enrolled in courses on permaculture, organics and sustain able rural development and read a lot of books. 

The first acquisition was sheep, then came the ducks and chickens.  The orchard was planted and a small area of the river flats was cleared of gorse (by hand) and planted out in potatoes, onions and garlic.  Some of the old blackberry bushes were left alone and have proved a wonderful resource when they fruit but it is a short season and we needed something else.  We tried building a smokehouse and experimenting with the garlic and salt.  Doug found his niche with his blends of garlic, spices and salt.

As the connections were made with neighbours and resources shared  - the next option was to take produce to market, and use the neighbour’s commercial kitchen to make jam and jelly from those amazing berries and bottle that salt.   We came to see in our local area there were lots of small farm producers who needed a place to sell their beautiful food.  Some of these innovative kiwi's are featured in our online shop now and it's all very YUM...

So here we are now with our own registered commercial kitchen on site, and a busy schedule making smoked salts for all our very loyal fans !!! from all over this wonderful world.....many thanks to you all for sharing the journey with us.  

If you have a story to tell or a recipe to share please do let us know and we will add it to our Recipe ideas...with your name or without (up to you).

I hope you will join us on the journey.


cheers from

Doug and Tarney