Alpa PXP Royale


Alfa PXP Royale is a whole and “all natural” product.  It is a “super functional food” consisting of peculiar strains of purple rice, which are organically and especially grown in the Siam Valley, located in Thailand.

Alfa PXP Royale nourishes the mitochondria with the polysaccharide peptides it needs to generate energy, which is crucial for a cell. When being regularly nourished with polysaccharide peptides, mitochondria are able to absorb glucose and convert it to energy.

Alfa PXP Royale contains the best antioxidants available, originating from the high quantities of anthocyanins in purple rice which help the mitochondria get rid of free radicals, keeping the cells healthy.

Anthocyanins are known for protecting the plants and foods which contain them against the damaging effects of UV radiation from the sun and other external aggressors.

Enzacta through a unique process of micronization based on nano-technology transforms each of the molecules of purple rice strains, generating high bio-available nutrients that can be absorbed by our bodies easily.


How does PXP work?


PXP is readily assimilated, getting inside the cellular mitochondria without active-transport cycles and utilized by the mitochondria as fuel. It’s presence in the mitochondria results in energy creation. It also contains nutrients, in addition to fuel. In this way it works to enhance the body’s natural healing process by allowing the mitochondria to produce ATP (cellular energy) without the normal loss of energy that results from active-transport cycles. Additional energy and additional ready-to-use functional sugar, vitamins and nutrients allow DNA and cell membrane repair to take place that might otherwise not be possible. It also allows cells to have the energy to attend to house-cleaning or detoxification chores that might be left undone without the availability of excess energy.

PXP works by feeding your cells !


What are the benefits of taking PXP?

Benefits people may experience are - more energy and stamina, feeling more positive, happy with life, clarity of thinking, improved memory, better sleeping, vibrant skin and hair and nails.   

 Can anyone take PXP?

Yes anyone can take PXP, as it’s just Purple Rice.  Babies, pregnant woman and animals have benefited from taking PXP.  We always recommend you consult your doctor if unsure.

How soon will I notice changes?

Some people notice something straight away, some people a number of days, some a month!  None of us know what is going on with our bodies and we all are different.  We recommend trying PXP for a month to start to really notice the benefits of the product.

Should I stop taking medication?

It is not recommended that any person stops taking prescribed medication.  However as health improves a visit to your health practitioner, for further tests is ideal, as medications could be adjusted to suit any change in health.  Those with kidney or liver failure should consult their specialist before taking PXP.  These organs are responsible for removing toxins from the body, and if severely compromised, may struggle with the additional toxic waste being removed from the cells as you take PXP.  A lower dose of PXP maybe recommended by your specialist until tests are confirmed.



7 November 2016

I was introduced to PXP just over a month ago, and it has been the best thing that has happened for me in a very very long time....I had a hysterectomy just over a year ago.  It has been a year of no sleep, night sweats, heart palpitations, depression, fatigue, cramps.  I have tried all the health supplements out there, as I was not allowed to have HRT.  They worked some of the time but not well.

After ONE WEEK on PXP  I was sleeping more soundly -  my night sweats had reduced , I had no heart palpitations, no cramps, less fatigue, and best of all my mood was lifting.  I feel so much better in all aspects of my life both physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

For this reason I am now sharing this amazing product on our website.  Try it for yourself and see what it can do for you.  I feel great....

Lee-Ann Hamilton (Down At The Farm Ltd).


I have just had a good look at my hands this eve, and I am beside myself. with the results from taking PXP . My left hand has had such deformities the thumb to wrist joint always so swollen and prominent but that now is nearly gone. I can't believe it the rest of the swelling in my hands due to osteo arthritis and rhuematoid arthritis is reducing as well. I really can't believe it think I might have some photos somewhere of my hands, definetely xrays of before taking PXP.  I feel great.

My skin condition is improving, some weeks ago I was looking at my arms which are probably way older in skin terms than my actual age due to all my years as a landscaper, toxic sprays and the chemo etc and I see an improvement there, also as you said the sun damage to my face seems to be less obvious.

But at the moment to me the most amazing thing is the reduction of the swelling and deformity in my hands. Unbelievable !!

I'm sold :-) Welcome to post this on your website as a testimonial.  Who knows how it might help improve your health.

 Sharon McNabb  (


My name is Diane, and I’d like to share my story.Before I was on PXP I was unhappy with my life everything was getting on top of me and I didn’t really know who ‘Diane” was anymore.I had constant pains in my stomach with everything I ate. This caused bloating, diarrhoea, gastric reflux etc.The doctors put it down to my Gall bladder not working properly so I had that removed, also they said its irritable bowel.

Their answer for that was to illiminate all the food that triggers the reaction. So that meant, no more bread, dairy products, onions, garlic,tomatoes, peas, potatoes ,pasta, the list went on and on…that left not a lot I could eat…I got really depressed as I didn’t know how I was supposed to move on in life with all those restrictions on your basic need of survival…which is eating..

Then I was introduced to PXP Purple Rice. After trying the PXP for 1 week I did have two days of slight detox, headaches and feeling really tired, however the next week I felt really amazing.  All the issues that I had with bloating, diarrhoea, reflux etc.. had all diminished… I could eat 90% of the food that I couldn’t eat before with no reaction.

I’ve also noticed that my skin looks so much healthier, my nails  hve become white and strong, whereas before they were brittle and would break all the time.  Also I have so much more energy,  and as a bonus, I have lost 6kgs, without even trying.

This is only the beginning of my journey… I’m still discovering the real me.. with no digestion problems..and so far I happy with what I see… why not try it for yourself and see what it may do for you...I just feel great. !!!