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From the farm to Dubai

Hello Down at the farm,   We were extremely pleased to discover your manuka smoked salt, we use it in most of our cooking particularly on bbq’s here in Dubai. The last time we came to Mangawhai we also purchased the manuka smoked chili salt which is equally as good. I’ve tasted nothing like this in my travels and feel it is unique to New Zealand given the manuka smoked flavor. Many folk here is Dubai ask about it so we’ll have to bring some back on out next visit to New Zealand   Coupled with this your chutneys from the Get Pickled range are very good, we have tried the Feijoa chutney, Apple and Onion marmalata. They are consumed...

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It's April, and things need doing...

  monday morning,and the day dawned with a light fog,promising a great day whitch is good because,as always, the list of things to do is long.I have altered the smokehouse to provide for better flow and greater capacity and after writing this,i"ll fire it up and start smoking another batch of that damn fine garlic salt. there's a lot of planting to do,garden beds to prepare, and all the other stuff that gos with living on a small farm

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