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Does anyone know what they 'innoculate' garlic with....

 Here we are with our garlic crop planted.  Those cloves started sprouting green shoots about a month ago saying 'plant me'... so we have.  That is normal for imagine my horror when I learnt that commercial garlic growers in New Zealand innoculate garlic bulbs to stop them reproducing !! What do they innoculate them with ?  Does anyone know ?  I would love to find please if you know send us a message. cheers to all Fresh garlic will be out of the ground pre Christmas !! all going well, which of course there is no guarantee when farming it could all get wiped out in flood !!!  but we certainly hope not...

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The grass is growing

 Having been away on holiday for a week we have come back to see a huge burst of new growth in the grass and generally everywhere! It's always a relief to see the change - you know the animals will be getting plenty to eat and its always exciting to see the buds on the fruit trees... Will be on board later this week with some updates and video on the garlic patch....

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Welcom To Down At The Farm (the movie!)

 Want to know why we're doing all the video! It's a bit nerve racking to stand there with a camera leering at you, but we know you want to know what's going on, so we're getting used to the idea of letting you watch while we run the farm, learn to work with the chooks, and all the great stuff that goes into surviving country life in New Zealand! 

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