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The grass is growing

 Having been away on holiday for a week we have come back to see a huge burst of new growth in the grass and generally everywhere! It's always a relief to see the change - you know the animals will be getting plenty to eat and its always exciting to see the buds on the fruit trees... Will be on board later this week with some updates and video on the garlic patch....

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The first lambs are born

 It's always when the weather is bad that the lambs start to be born.  This year is no different.  These are our first twins, and it looks like plently more lambs are on the way so we'll keep the video rolling.  It always takes a day or two to get the sharing worked out with twins.  Mum can only feed one from each side as she has only two nipples unlike cows that have four so there is always a bit of push and shove till its worked out.

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new calves

 It's always a joy when new life joins the farm.   Twin calves are rare I've been told - so these two are a treasure.  It's been interesting watching how the group take time to look after the new life.  Mum has the back up and support from her offspring of last year "Bully bully" and the other heifer.  They all help to watch over the youngsters.  Our editing skills are not so good so apologies for the side ways view of 'bully bully', if you can stand the wait the dogs timid approach at the end is a little humorous.  He is not sure how to approach cows, he's still a youngster and not sure as you can see....

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