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Mud glorious mud

 It's hard to stay focused when all around you is endless wet soggy ground and mud.  The chickens are knee deep in it (if they had knees) the lambs are foot sore and so are their mums, but the garlic is growing regardless as the ground is luckily very free draining...  so their is always a bright side to everything. Next blog will be pics of the garlic and how we went about it.....just has to stop raining long enough for us to photograph it...mud glorious mud....

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Sorry - We ran out of data

 Well how embarassing...get the webcam working and then run out of data !  We will be back on Tuesday with the live chicken pen once we have set up our new data plan.  Our farm is in a bad position for receiving internet access - welcome to rural New Zealand where you can live an hour from  Auckland but cannot receive broadband by any major telco.  Cheers and thanks for your patience.  

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New Website Features

 We have a facebook page now - - how very 2006 of us LOL, and even more importantly... The live chicken video is available - just go to the adopt-a-chicken page to see our chooks every day, live!

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